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The Noisy Paintbox

In my house we love art.  My daughter and I have made Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and traded them with other homeschool families since she was four.  We have had fun creating our own art with pencils and paint for years. However this year for 3rd grade I wanted to study artists and art styles... Continue Reading →


The Thing About Luck

I'm back!  Better really, really, really late than never (which I was tempted to do).  My family just moved from Germany back to the U.S. (well, technically we'll be in transition until August) and the month of May was wall-to-wall activities associated with moving and cramming in as much time as possible with friends.  We've... Continue Reading →

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain couldn't come at a better time in our homeschool schedule.  My son has been reading a contemporary series called The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing.  It is set in Boston during the Revolutionary War era, so he already primed for Johnny Tremain, which takes place during the same time period, though the books' themes and styles are very... Continue Reading →

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