You know all those amazing monthly box subscriptions that are out there?  They are so tempting.  We have wanted basically every single one of them.  But alas, we have a limited budgets.

Marguerite, the brain behind Book Boxes, decided to recreate the magic of the subscription boxes of goodies, but on her own terms.  She began putting together thematic boxes for her seven-year-old daughter, with a focus on classic novels.

After pre-reading the novels, Marguerite carefully curated items, to accompany the novels’ themes and settings, that she knew would be a hit with her daughter.  After sharing some of her boxes on social media, the demand for an email list or subscription service became apparent.  That’s where Erin came in.

Erin is also a literature lover who reads aloud to her ten-year-old boy and six-year-old girl.  She saw Marguerite’s idea on Facebook and knew that this idea needed a home on the web.  Since she’s always been interested in web design and marketing, she offered to lend a hand in getting a website up.

This site is the result of a partnership struck up over Facebook messenger based on a mutual love of children, literature, and experiential learning, not to mention limited budgets, a need for a creative outlet, and a desire to contribute to a rich home education community.


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