Frog and Toad

This box wasn’t really planned at all; it just came together pretty much perfectly.  My daughter has been enjoying reading the Frog and Toad books from the library, and being as she is a struggling reader, I get excited when she finds books she really wants to read.  I found a compilation of Frog and Toad stories, including some the library didn’t have; then I realized that she was almost finally done with her reading program.  We are doing All About Reading, and each level has a character which talks to your child at the end of some lessons.  In level 2, the character is a frog, and I have a book about a frog: how perfect!  So I quickly acquired a few other things to flesh out a mini-box to give to her as a gift for finishing her reading program for the year!

First up the book Frog and Toad : Storybook Treasury… These are great little stories that don’t feel like most easy readers.  They feel like full stories that just happen to also be easy to read.

Next I found a stuffed frog, my daughter is obsessed with stuffed animals, so this was an obvious addition for the box.

I went through my arts and crafts hoard and found a few craft kits with frogs.  I don’t have links for the kits, they are things I picked up a few years ago when hosting craft co-ops.  But I did find a few other froggy crafts that look fun!  Here is a paint by number, a sew your own stuffy kit, a frog garden stepping stone, or a frog rock pet.


I also found a free video tutorial from my favorite YouTube painter, The Art Sherpa. Fiona and I painted our red-eyed tree frogs and had a wonderful mother-daughter day 😀


Other great additions to this box would be some live tadpoles to study, as well as a book on frog life cycles and some cool frog life cycle figures.

If you make a frog fun-tastic box (or any box) I hope you write to us to let us know!  I would like to hear about your families experiences with Book Boxes and I’d love to see any pictures you would be willing to share with me!  Thank you for reading about our Book Box adventure!

*** And yes, my daughter is a ham, and had to dress to impress for this photo shoot, including finding a frog that can double as an accessory, LOL.


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    1. Thank you very much! If you make a box we would love to see pictures or hear feedback from you! Also if you have any books you would like for us to box up let us know!


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