Apple Pie Tree

Apples and apple pie are usually thought of in the fall, however you don’t get apples in the fall if you didn’t have apple blossoms in the spring!

This bitty box goes well with Secret Garden or on its own.  This book is a lovely book showing an apple tree as it grows through the seasons.,

Book – The first item for our box is obviously the book: Apple Pie Tree.

Games – Either Hi Ho Cherry-O, or Pie Face would be good games for this book box!

Snack – This one is obvious, apple pie is on the menu! If possible, let your child(ren) help with the cooking!  You can go easy and grab a can of apple pie filling and a ready-made crust. Or you can make everything from scratch.  If you want to make from scratch and need a recipe, here is a video you all can watch first that gives the recipe and shows them making the pie.  My family loves watching cooking shows together.

Craft – Another mommy blogger posted step-by-step instructions on her blog “Reading Confetti” on how to make a simple 3-D apple tree!  Check it out!

If you already have a tree (Christmas or otherwise) that you’d like to decorate, you can make some Cinnamon Applesauce ornaments to hang.  Erin’s kids made them four years ago, and her sister-in-law reports that they still smell great when she unwraps them to hang on her Christmas tree each year.  Erin’s kids made stars, but if you want to stick to the apple tree theme, you can order a cute apple cookie cutter.  Tip: Cinnamon is cheaper in bulk, so go to a local natural grocery store to check out prices, or Amazon has an “add on” cinnamon for less that $5 (at time of publication).

Activity – This isn’t an apple tree, but it shows how plants grow, and is still connected to the book.  My daughter has always loved watching plants grow, and you can try the bean in a bag experiment, but ours always die before we plant them.  I think this kit is so wonderful for letting the kids watch the plant grow all the way (without ending with moldy beans).

Toy/Trinket – This toy is a homemade busybag! This felt apple pie kit from the blog “Still Playing School” looks so fun!  I would recommend using a cinnamon sticks instead of having powdered cinnamon available to young children.  But other then that this looks like a perfect pairing, and quite easy to put together!

Toy – Another fun toy would be a squishy apple for the child to play with while you read.

Field Trip – If you are doing this in the fall, see if you can find a local pick-your-own apple orchard!  If you are doing this any other time of the year, just a trip to the grocery store can be your field trip.  Have the child(ren) pick out 3 or 5 different types of apples. Make a grocery list for them (using pictures for non-readers) and have them find the items!

Printable Education Pack – This free printable education pack comes from the blog “3 Dinosaurs” and she says its for kids aged 2-10!  Her tot packs are wonderful and I used several of them with my daughter when she was younger.

Additional Education – It would be fun to talk about Johnny Appleseed as you are covering apples.  Here is one of a multitude of books about this American icon.

Video – There isn’t a movie of this book, however there are several different people who read the short story on YouTube.  Here is one video of someone reading this story.  My daughter is going into 3rd grade, yet she still LOVES to watch videos of people reading her picture books.  She loves stories and gets frustrated at her slower reading skills getting in the way of enjoying the story.  I like her watching these videos because she is still seeing the words, and even if she isn’t consciously reading, her brain is taking in the information.


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