The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Here is a special, stand-alone, Bitty Box for those who want something the JUST for their toddler(s).  As a bonus, it works well with any Earth day celebrations coming up on April 22nd!  Get outside and explore nature; check the leaves in your neighborhood for signs of a chrysalis or cocoon.

1. Book: You could buy the board book alone, or you could get the plush toy with it for just a few extra dollars.

2. Games: You can choose from a variety of Hungry Caterpillar games.  Amazon sells several, so browse and pick what works best for you. If you want to build beyond that brand, Marguerite and her daughter recommend games from Peaceable Kingdom, which makes cooperative games (either everyone wins or the “game” wins).  Their Snug as a Bug in a Rug game is a perfect fit for young gamers and this box.

3. Snacks:  Freeze-dried fruit is a fun experience if you’ve never tried it.  You could buy a variety pack and have try all the flavors. Grabbing a snack and curing in your lap to hear about the Hungry Caterpillar might just become a special tradition for a while.  Another option would be to make fruit kebabs.  After sliding each piece off the skewer, it should have a hole in it to “show” that your caterpillar friend has already been there.

4. Activities and Crafts:  Make some “stained glass” sun-catchers with this perfect kit for butterflies and flowers.  It does advise for ages 8 and up, so be sure to supervise the painting.  Or if you don’t want to mess with pain, you can do a crystal-baked sun-catcher instead.
Fingerpainting is such a sensory experience, check out this Hungry Caterpillar inspired fingerpaint craft.

5. Toys and Trinkets:  A Butterfly Glow Wand makes a nice night time toy.  Be sure to check your dollar store because they often carry items like this for $1!

6. Movie: If you want to add a movie to the box, A Bug’s Life fit’s nicely with the theme. You can buy the DVD  or rent it on Amazon just for less than $4! Alternatively, Netflix has an original show called “Beat Bugs” about musical insects who sing Beatles songs.  My six-year old has been loving that lately.

7. Extra Education: Pinterest has about a gazillion Hungry Caterpillar posts, but I just picked my favorite.  The book is great practice for counting and for learning days of the week.  Practice counting, coloring, cutting, and gluing and naming the days when you make printable Days of the Week book from 123Homeschool4me.  And if you want to take it even further, check out the 50+ page Learning Pack from them, too.  This one is for ages 2-7 to include all your littles.  If you want to look specifically at the life cycle of a butterfly, you could do it with a Life Cycles Hat, with an adorable pasta craft, or by making a life cycle booklet.

8. Field Trips:  If you have a butterfly you can go to locally, do that!.  Or you can create your own right at home.  NOTE: the link includes a voucher for the caterpillars, but doesn’t ship them at the same time, plan accordingly.


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