Aquatic (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) Bitty Box

This Bitty Box can stand alone or coordinate with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  If you are using it on it’s own, consider checking out the Book Box for 20,000 Leagues to get ideas for field trips,  snacks, and fun extras to include in the  box.

    1. Start with a fantastic picture book about the value of giving: The Rainbow Fish.  When your child has asked to you read it for the umpteenth time and your eyes begin to cross, we’ve got you covered.  Just set them in front of this beautiful YouTube video that is someone reading the book with no animation, just slight movement of the pictures in the book.
    2. Cooperative games are an amazing way to play games with little ones without the upset at the end of someone losing. Everyone works together to beat the game!  The Share and Sparkle Game coordinates with the theme of the book and covers preschool skills like colors, counting, and working together.
    3. Extra Education:  There is a preschool printable pack for just about everything theme under the sun, or in this case, underwater.  InAllYouDo put together a tot pack that goes well with this book.
    4. Just for fun: Give your little one a Nemo beanie baby to snuggle while listening to the big kids’ book.  I love seeing the look of shock on little one’s faces when they make a connection.  “Wait, Nemo’s in the book?  I have a Nemo!”

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