Alice in Wonderland Bitty Box

We debated whether we really needed to make a Bitty Box for Alice in Wonderland.  Our Alice Book Box has so many things that are appropriate for all ages.  But, we wanted to make sure we covered all the bases, in case someone out there wants this.  Please do look at the bigger box if you are using this as a stand alone because all your children are in the pre-reader stage.

    1. Start with a picture book that is the right length for little squirmers.  Either this picture book or this early reader is a good choice.  Just pick the one that you think your child will most appreciate.


2. Coloring books are always a hit!  This one is perfect for little one. They can color along during read alouds and keep the abridged version as their own keepsake, or they could use this sticker activity book.  Or, try this Kawaii style book.

3. Add some herbal instant ice tea for a tea party (it’s been Erin’s experience that her kids preferred to drink cold tea than hot)

4. There are tons of free arts, crafts, and lesson plans to supplement your box.  Print a whole raft of activities for your preschooler at 123Homeschool4me.

5. Let them get into the book with some dress up costume.  Alice is a great choice, but don’t rule out Tweedledee and Tweedledum hats!


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