20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Keeping with the classics, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was another of Marguerite’s Christmas boxes.  Instead of an exploration of the earth’s center, this tale dives deep into the depths of the ocean.

***If you have younger children that participate in the read alouds and need their own age-appropriate selections, check out our corresponding Bitty Box!

For the Box:

    1. The book(s): 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea can be a scary book.  If you have a sensitive child (or one that benefits from lots of pictures and slightly fewer words), you can order the Great Illustrated Classic version instead.
    2. Games:  Marguerite’s family has really enjoyed Oceanos.  It is an amazingly thematic game that perfectly fits with the book.
    3. Activities. A.  If you ever thought about getting an aquarium, now might be the perfect time to it.   A basic aquarium isn’t too expensive, and caring for an animal can yield many life lessons for kids.  Plus watching little fishies swim to and fro can be quite therapeutic. If you want to make it even simpler, try a single Beta fish. When Erin was in college, Beta fish were popular among her friends because of their easy care and cheap upkeep.  Just remember to only put one fish per tank because they are aggressive!  This little tank would be a great starter for under $12. B. Learn about electricity and become an inventor like Captain Nemo with Snap Circuits Jr.!  C.  Take the energy lesson further with a salt water powered robot and/or a crank torch!
    4. Snacks:  The obvious choices are Swedish fish and Goldfish!  (You can order these on Amazon, but you’re probably better off just getting a small pack while you are next grocery shopping).  Or, if you adventurous type, try some herrings  or sardines (Erin loves them with Chipotle Tabasco and actually keeps them in her house).  Going even BOLDER?  Make some Squid Ink Pasta. And for the truly daring, make a snack plate of some traditional Asian treats: dried squid strips , shrimp chips, and seaweed!  If you live near an Asian market, there will be more varieties of these snacks than you could imagine.
    5. Crafts: We love coloring books!  This ocean-inspired one is just the thing for this box.  Or make jewelry from the sea! Cultured Freshwater pearls are REAL pearls, grown in a “farm” setting which allows them to be inexpensive.
    6. Trinkets and Toys:   With so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one or two.  A bunch of little fish figures can spark imagination and add some storytelling power to bath time. Get into the story with some (very reasonably priced) steampunk goggles!  And you KNOW YOU WANT a squid hat or octupus beanie!

7.  The movie:  I love how many movie-watching options we have in this age of technology.  You can buy the 2-disc special edition DVD,  or if you’ll only watch it once, save a few dollars by renting it instead. A quick search on Netflix didn’t yield results, but I’m writing this in Greece and I know every country has different Netflix offerings.  Check whatever streaming services to which you are subscribed to see if they carry this classic movie.

8.  Field Trips:  The Aquarium!  If you don’t have an aquarium near you, even a trip to the pet store to watch the fish (whether or not you intend to buy any) will do in a pinch.  If you happen to being visiting/living somewhere where snorkeling is an option, that would be fabulous too.

9.  Supplementary Sites:  Learn about several marine biomes on Ducksters.com.


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