Geology and Dinosaur (Journey to the Center of the Earth) Bitty Box

If you have children too young for Journey to the Center of the Earth, but you want to include them, add either of these books(or both)to the box for them. All the Journey Box items will work well with them, so the book box becomes a two-for-one!  If you are making this as a stand alone box for a young child,  fill out the box with items from the Journey Box (think field trips, snacks, and activities) to upgrade your Bitty Box to full Book Box.

  1. Books: Magic School Bus Inside the Earth works really well, but you could also go with the first Magic Treehouse book: Dinosaurs Before Dark.  It has an accompanying non-fiction guide to add the learning experience.
  2. The Math Explosion game listed in the Book Box will work for your preschooler too, so make sure to check it out.
  3. Easy Peasy and Fun has a free dinosaur printable pack for your preschoolers.
  4. And if you have Amazon Prime or Netflix, you can stream Dinosaur Train’s episode: What’s At the Center of the Earth?


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