Alice in Wonderland

You don’t have to do everything in this box, and you can definitely customize it for yourself! Make it your own!

This box was part of Marguerite’s fantastic Christmas gift of SEVEN boxes!   Alice is a wonderful flight of fantasy and a worthy book for a box.  Let’s look at the box’s contents (affiliate links).  While it may seem like a “girly” book and box, there are alternative ideas for those boys who shy away from pastels and florals.  And if you have younger siblings who are in the preschool age range, check out the accompanying Bitty Box for something special just for them!

  1.  The book(s). There are a million versions of Alice, including ebooks for only 99 cents.  Here’s an illustrated version that includes Through the Looking Glass, as one example.
  2. A necklace.  There are any number of amazing steam punk pocket watch necklaces available, but I also happen to love this one that declares what I think of myself and you.  Or, if you have a boy, how about a pocket watch?
  3. A Mushroom Farm for some science fun!
  4. Another beautiful Alice accessory, a pillowcase and form  to curl up on while reading this and any other books.  For a boy, consider this alternate pillowcase.
  5. A Paint-A-Tea Set for Arts and Crafts.  Or a usuable tea set  if you do Poetry Teatime (be sure to read some more Lewis Carroll poems while you are at it!)  And don’t think that boys don’t like art or teatime!
  6. Don’t for get the tea and biscuits!  This pretty tin can double as a chance to hold new treasures when all the cookies have been eaten.
  7. An Alice doll..  Boys play with dolls too, but this adorable Cheshire Cat may be a bit more gender neutral.
  8. The game options for this theme are myriad.   Staying strictly in the theme, Parade or Munchkin Wonderland are great options. You can get Alice playing cards, or add some math with Sleeping Queens.  If your budget is tight, just go for simple pack of Bicycle Playing Cards.  Or if you want to take it outside, why not play croquet like the Queen of Hearts?
  9. Love movies?  You can choose from the Disney version or get the newer Tim Burton’s set of Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
  10. Do you have a writer?  This lovely journal would be the perfect place for them to write fan fiction and spin-off stories.  Another great use would be this adorable idea for a Penpal relationship with your child.
  11. Amazon has amazing adult coloring books that aren’t just for adults! And of course, if you are going to color, having a nice set of colored pencils can really enhance the experience.  Seriously, it’s a world of difference to use quality pencils.
  12. Do you have a book club that does partyschool like Mary at Notbefore7?  This photo booth set is perfect for a partyschool event.
  13. Just put “Alice in Wonderland Crafts” into Pinterest for a slew of ideas.  Gather your supplies, print the instructions, and put it all in the box so it’s ready to go when your child is interested.  I’ve found the biggest barrier to projects is gathering supplies, so do it as you make the box!



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    1. Thanks Mary! Marguerite and I are very excited to be joining the world of education bloggers. We haven’t pushed our site out to anyone deliberately yet, but you already gave us our first comment. Thank you!


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