What is a Book Box?

A Book Box is a way to create enchanted learning in your home.  Books are so rich with content: the settings, the characters, the themes. A Book Box is a gift to your child– a way to enhance the reading experience and engage your child in learning using the book and its contents as a central theme. The best way to make your child a life long lover of literature is to show them how magical a book can be. As you experience each book personally you will be creating wonderful memories and a lasting love of learning!

Use this site to inspire your personalized Book Boxes.  You assemble them yourself adding only what you value and want. What makes a good Book Box? We have a couple of things we try to put in each box. The first is, of course, a good book. Then we fill out the box with games, snacks, crafts/activities and small toys or trinkets. We will also list outings, free crafts or printables and other ideas to enrich the book box experience. You then go through our gathered ideas and pick which items you think will most interest your children!  And feel free to add on things we may have missed (be sure to share them in the comments). It could be everything or just a few specific components, the choice is yours!

To make a Book Box, we have to actually read the books first. It takes time, but remember, we only want GOOD books, so it’s not such a hard task. We then pick out things to look into further. It might be obvious, a main focus of the story, or a tiny detail. We don’t want make it too strict or too serious. Remember this is for a child. A child who is naturally filled with wonder at awe all things large and small.

In short, a Book Box is your way of taking the story from the book and making it come alive in your home.

What is a Bitty Box?

Our Bitty Boxes are geared towards preschoolers and pre-readers. They can be stand alone boxes, or used as complement to our regular Book Boxes.  The themes will be similar to the larger Book Box, but the Bitty Box will have some things that are JUST for your littles. Reading as a family is amazing, and we want to make sure that the younger ones feel special (and have something to quietly fidget with during story).

*** IF you have a book that you want made into a book box please tell us in the comments! We will pick from the most requested books as well as our own planned books for future book boxes. ****



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